Home Automation


We bring intelligence to your regular appliances and lights. Our system allows you to remotely monitor and control your house through smartphone, voice assistant and sensors

Smart Sensors

Our smart sensors detect changes in the environment, including motion, temperature, humidity, and light. They enhance home security by sending real-time notifications, alerting you to potential threats. These sensors also enable customized scenes for automated adjustments based on your preferences, optimizing lighting, temperature, and device activation. With these smart sensors, your home becomes more intelligent and adaptable to your needs, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of your home automation system.
Zigbee Motion
Zigbee Temperature
Zigbee Door/Window


Our smart switches allow you to make your conventional appliances and light "smart", plus also making you switchboard look elegant.
They enable control of your house via touch, smartphone, voice assistant and smart sensors

1 Pole Switch

2 Pole Switch

4 Pole Switch

Fan Speed Controller


IR Blaster

Security & Surveillance

Our 1080P Wi-Fi smart camera will provide security and peace of mind while you are away from your home. Live stream the video on our smart app, amazon echo show or google home. The 2-Way talk function allows you to communicate the person in front of the camera. With features like motion detection, pan-tilt it ensures complete security and piece of mind.

Smart PTZ
  • HD Resolution
  • Pan 360 Degree & Tilt
  • Voice Assistance
  • Motion Detection
  • Cloud Storage
  • 2X 2x Digital zoom


Type Location Basic Premium Platinum
Wifi Switches Entry 1 Four pole
1 Fan switch
1 One switch
1 Four pole
1 Fan switch
1 One switch
1 Four pole
1 Fan switch
1 One switch
Bedside 2 Four pole 2 Four pole 2 Four pole
Bathroom 2 Four pole
1 One pole
2 Four pole
1 One pole
Walk - In cupboard 1 Four pole 2 Four pole
Sensors Bedroom 1 Motion Sensor
1 Temperature sensor
1 Door/window sensor
Bathroom 1 Motion Sensor 1 Motion Sensor
Walk - In cupboard 1 Motion Sensor 1 Motion Sensor
Lighting and Appliance Bedroom 1 Universal IR Blaster 1 Universal IR Blaster 1 IR Hub

Make Smart Home Project